Web Design

Web design process

Creative and Functional Web Design.

Your website or e-commerce platform is your first and most initial tool when interacting with your target audience on the digital world. For that reason its crucial, for us to develop responsive, visually pleasing and functionality based products that suit your audiences’s needs and make visiting your website an overall pleasing experience.


Platforms we are experienced using:

  • WordPress
  • Presta Shop
  • Magento
  • Shopify


Additional Services.

  •  Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting Services
Web design process

“On all of our projects we focus our efforts on finding the equilibrium between visually pleasing and functional results!”

Web design

Our Process

Research and planning
As a first step we identify with you what your goals are and define what you want to achieve with your project. After careful research, analysis and planning we come up with the best possible solution that visually stunning without losing functionality.


Architecture and design
Secondly we identify the key elements the functions and the overall structure for your project so we can have a certain outcome planned. After that, based on your industry specific needs we figure out the best creative solutions in order for the website to be well received by your targeted audience.


Quality testing
After completing the project development to assure the quality we thoroughly test all the components and functions of the final product so everything is working smoothly and to make sure your target audience will be pleased with both the visual and functional outcome.


Project launch and optimization
Like most of the digital products that have constant interactions with users, your website or e-commerce platform must be treated like a living organism, that has to constantly evolve. For those cases we offer support after your project’s initial launch, in order to, after data analysis, identify the elements that need improvement so the user can have the best experience possible interacting with your website or e-commerce platform.

“Re-imagine your brand’s identity in the digital world, with a responsive website, that reduces your bounce rates, engages the interest of your visitors and effectively manages and analyses the data deriving from that interaction !”